2012 doomsday prophecy or a new tribe of people?
Hidden Hand Depiction of Harvest?

Prophecy, The Beginning of Homo Luminous?

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The Creator's keeper of the garden, Frank Waters.
All races returning to the oneness in The One

"As long as you believe in the basic evil of man, then you must project upon yourself great punishment. You must see your world
destroyed, as so will you have prophets to tell you so, and so they will speak the truth, for they will speak from your own beliefs in
the idea of your own evil.

Now, there will be no holocaust unless you believe that you are so evil that you, as a race must punish yourselves. But there will
always be benign old spirits like me that tell you that, although you are bad, you are perfectly bad, and utterly beautiful, and
nothing will destroy you unless you are convinced you are, as a race so evil you must be destroyed. And even then, only those
who so believe will partake in that probability!

The prophets speak truly, that speak of doom. They speak truly when they speak from a framework that believes in doom. But that
framework is a mere probability that gains its strength only from a belief in evil. So, the prophets felt that belief, and are themselves
terrible driven by that belief; and paint dire pictures that reside within the psyche of those who themselves feel damned.

Christian theology sees the end of the world in certain terms, with a grand God coming to reward the good and to punish the
wicked. That system of belief allows for no other probability. Some see the end of the world coming as a greater disaster, Or
envision man finally ruining his planet. Others see periods of peace and advance--and each probability will happen somewhere." -

"But John the Baptist spoke
to those who had come to mock him.  “You brood of vipers, who told you that you will escape from
future wrath, once your false teachings are revealed? See to it that you bear righteous fruit of repentance and learn the truth.

Turn away from the evil of your false teachings, which you carry out with arrogance and pursuant with your greed for power and
fortune. You brood of vipers, in two times a thousand years (2012?) you and your followers, who pursue false teachings out of your
own arrogance in your greed for power and fortune, shall be vanquished and, on account of your lies, punished -
The Talmud of Jmmanuel

Is this a Talmud that Church Inc. does not wish for us to know about because they know that, on or around 2012 is not doomsday,
but  rather when the duality within creation begins reunifying its-self, thus creating a renewal, and they fear losing their power over
us? It is rather difficult to set the stage for those who have not read
The Law of One. However, those with ears will understand
while the remainder will remain within blissful ignorance of creational law;

If you are unfamiliar with higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend reading

"Questioner: We would seem to have dual catalysts operating, and the question is which one is going to act first? The
prophecies, I will call them, made by Edgar Cayce indicated many Earth changes and I am wondering about the mechanics
describing the future that Ra has been stating that are not a part of time and yet we concern ourselves with possibility/probability

It is very difficult for me to understand how the mechanism of prophecy operates. What is the value of such a prophesy such as
Cayce made with respect to Earth changes and all of these scenarios?
Ra: I am Ra. Consider the shopper entering the store to purchase food with which to furnish the table for the time period you call
a week. Some stores have some items, others a variant set of offerings. We speak of these possibility/probability vortices when
asked with the understanding that such are as a can, jar, or portion of goods in your store.

It is unknown to us as we scan your time/space whether your peoples will shop hither or yon. We can only name some of the items
available for the choosing. The, shall we say, record which the one you call Edgar read from is useful in that same manner. There
is less knowledge in this material of other possibility/probability vortices and more attention paid to the strongest vortex. We see the
same vortex but also see many others.

Edgar’s material could be likened unto one hundred boxes of your cold cereal, another vortex likened unto three, or six, or fifty of
another product which is eaten by your peoples for breakfast. That you will eat breakfast is close to certain, yet the menu is your
own choosing.

The value of prophecy must be realized to be only that of expressing possibilities. Moreover, it must be, in our humble opinion,
carefully taken into consideration that any time/space viewing, whether by one of your time/space or by one such as we who view
the time/space from a dimension, shall we say, exterior to it will have a quite difficult time expressing time measurement values.
Thus prophesy given in specific terms is more interesting for the content or type of possibility predicted than for the space/time
nexus of its supposed occurrence.

Questioner: So we have the distinct possibility of two different types of catalyst creating an atmosphere of seeking that is greater
than that which we experience at present. There will be much confusion, especially in the scenario of Earth changes simply
because there have been many predictions of these changes by many groups giving many and sundry reasons for the changes.

Can you comment on the effectiveness of this type of catalyst and the rather wide pre-knowledge of the coming changes but also
the wide variation in explanation for these changes?
Ra: I am Ra. Given the amount of strength of the possibility/probability vortex which posits the expression by the planet itself of the
difficult birthing of the planetary self into fourth-density, it would be greatly surprising were not many which have some access to
space/time able to perceive this vortex.

The amount of this cold cereal in the grocery, to use our previous analogy, is disproportionately large. Each which prophesies
does so from an unique level, position, or vibratory configuration. Thus biases and distortions will accompany much prophecy.

Questioner: This entire scenario for the next twenty years seems to be aimed at producing an increase in seeking and an
increase in the awareness of the natural creation, but also a terrific amount of confusion. Was it the pre-incarnative objective of
many of the Wanderers to attempt to reduce this confusion?
Ra: I am Ra. It was the aim of Wanderers to serve the entities of this planet in whatever way was requested and it was also the aim
of Wanderers that their vibratory patterns might lighten the planetary vibration as a whole, thus ameliorating the effects of
planetary disharmony and palliating any results of this disharmony.

Specific intentions such as aiding in a situation not yet manifest are not the aim of Wanderers. Light and love go where they are
sought and needed, and their direction is not planned aforetimes." -
The Law of One

A long question was asked about prophecy. Here is the reply; "We wish to address the so called earth changes for your benefit,
as you are stuck here. Those present need to stop buying into popular deceptions once and for all! Reread Bramley. All such
changes are caused by three things and three things only!
1) Human endeavors.
2) Cosmic objects falling upon or too near earth.
3) Planetary orbital aberrations.

Don't believe any of the nonsense you hear from other sources. It is designed to facilitate mass programming and deception.
Just as your bible says; "You will know not the day, nor the hour." This means there is no warning. None. No clue. No prophecy.
And these events are of the "past" as well.

Q: (V) What events of the past, as well?
A: Cosmic and "man made" cataclysms.

Q: (L) Well, since you put 'man-made' at the top of the list, am I to infer that perhaps some of the activities of the consortium, the
secret government, are going to precipitate some of these events?
A: No

Q: (L) You've said that there's a comet cluster that's coming this way. Is that still correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this comet cluster that's coming, and you've indicated that it could arrive anywhere between 18 years, something like that,
is that correct?
A: Maybe. Just remember: All prophecies attached to calendar dates are useless unless you wish to be sucked up by the 4th
density STS forces!

Q: (L) Now, is this something that can be seen from a great way off?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is this something that's going to impact our particular immediate location, and appear suddenly, as this comet that has
flown overhead just did? Nobody saw it until a very short time ago, and all of a sudden everybody sees it?
A: The cluster is a symptom, not the focus.

Q: (V) What is the focus?
A: Wave, remember, is "realm border" crossing... what does this imply? Consult your knowledge base for Latin roots and proceed.

Q: (L) So, the Latin root of realm is regimen, which means a domain or ruler ship or a system for the improvement of health. Does
this mean that, and as I assume we are now moving into the STO realm, now, out of the STS realm?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) And also, can I infer from this, that the comet cluster exists in the other realm?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) Well, previously, you had said that the comet cluster would come before the realm border. Which indicated that the comet...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, how can something so... you said it appears to (Us, within our limited perspective to) be one single large body, and that our
government knows that it's on its way, and that apparently somebody has spotted it. Which direction is it coming from?
A: Direction?

Q: (L) Well, the comet cluster. That comet cluster, is, I am assuming, a real body, in third density experience, right? A part of a real
cluster of bodies in third density experience. Is that correct?
A: Cluster can approach from all directions.

Q: (L) So, can I infer from what has been said, that we are going to move into this comet cluster, as into a realm?
A: Border changes rules.

Q: (L) But if we run into the comet cluster before we cross the border, then, I mean, I would understand if we were going into the
realm border first...
A: Part in part out.

Q: (L) OK, is this so-called HAARP project instrumental in any of these realm border changes, these realm changes?
A: All is interconnected, as usual.

Q: (L) Anybody got any questions on this? What is the thing that is going on nowadays... let me ask about this. Roxanne sent me
some information about the Do-ma, or space goddesses who rule the grays, supposedly. Apparently there is a whole group of
people, including government officials, involved in this Do-ma cult.
A: Yeah, right!

Q: (L) Well, that was my feeling. I sent...
A: Deception is everywhere! Scrambled brains, anyone? As we have warned you repeatedly, it is literally impossible to attach
artificially conceived calendar dates to any sort of prophecy or prediction for the many reasons that we have detailed for you
numerous times."
(Time lines are fluid, yet, so called higher realms of consciousness see ALL, yet can not tell ALL.)

Q: (L) What would happen if the brown star that is the sun's twin were to get close enough to be illuminated by the sun? (T) Well, if
it were close enough to be illuminated, the obvious result is that it would be SEEN. People would panic...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Governments would fall...
A: And terror and chaos. And when it departs again?

Q: (L) Everything will seem to be fine! But, they won't realize that the Oort cloud has been hit! Oh, sugar!
A: And then what?

Q: (L) It is not the Oort cloud or the comets that is going to cause all this terror and carrying on, it is going to be the seeing of the
illuminated brown star, which will go away, and then no one will see what is coming! And this IS talked about in both the Bible and
Nostradamus - but it was incomprehensible before! Okay, how long will it take the comets to get from the Oort cloud to here?
A: Let us just say that the cluster travels much faster than the usual cometary itinerary.

Q: (T) And this is because they are traveling in the wake of a large sun sized gravity well...
A: And we have spoken of the comet cluster before, and we have told you that this time, it rides the Wave.

Q: (T) So, the dark star is going to come through the Oort cloud, and it doesn't have to get too close. Any star that gets that close
is TOO close. Its gravity will propel these comets in our direction. And, on top of that, they are being propelled by the Wave from
behind, so they are being both pulled and pushed.
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they being "kicked" and then they get on the wave that is already on the move?
A: Yes. This time. You have had the comet cluster before in antiquity, but the wave was last here aeons ago.

Q: (L) Is this wave a gravity wave?
A: Interrelated.

Q: (L) Okay, now... (T) Well, the wave is a form of energy. (L) Yes, they once told us that it was "hyper-kinetic sensate."
A: Realm border, this is your quantum factor, Laura, so plug it into "Noah Syndrome" accordingly, and check out the results.

Q: (A) Why did you tell me that telling me about a 0 to 7 year probability would disrupt my learning channel? (Rather than the 0 to 18
year probability)
I would like to know what the curve of probabilities looks like. It would disrupt in what way?
A: 0 to 14 years is enough for now. Can you imagine what would happen if we told you that the cluster was going to blast into the
picture next year?!? You would then demand to know the precise day and the hour. You would let this dictate all your activities
hence, and that would be it." -
The Waves Series Transcripts

Yet, a Time/CNN poll discovered that 95% of Americans believe that the prophecies found within the Book of Revelation  
will come true and 17% believe they will see the end of the world.

Do you now understand how the mass mind is creating its own reality? Judging by the above text, it appears that we are
co-creators of our own reality. The question is; What will we co-create? Throughout
The Wave Series Transcripts it explains that
visions which are seen within our current realm of consciousness are seen within the energy field that linear time-lines create, yet
such "time" is fluid, thus is unpredictable.

What is fairly predictable is human behaviour, thus each prophecy of doom and gloom is co-created. And that, each time you have
had a deja vu you have witnessed two, or more linear time lines emerging into one. (The deja vu phenomenon is a glitch within the
linear matrix.)

If the energy within a linear time line dissipates, will the vision seen within not develop? Are we, as a species, so hard wired
Draconian programming that we now only see our-selves as so evil that we require a savior, so evil that we must
surrender or parish because our mass consciousness is now so programmed to anticipate Hell, fire and damnation that the energy
field we have created within the mass mind has created the doom and gloom reality? Therefore, is what the mass mind believes, is
what the mass mind co-creates?  

Therefore, "many cling to “doomsday” prophetic calamaties as a means to absolve personal frustrations with others. I.E. “Just
you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!!” "
- The Wave Series Transcripts

"The final end of the world will occur
when all that is spiritual has been shaped by knowledge. The triple division of the human
psyche is overcome through gnosis (
hidden knowledge) and the person is reintegrated into the divine". - Ireneus

"The one whom loves the ways of the world, is carnal in its nature, having become like the carnal, the one is scattered along with
the carnal into the outer darkness". -Gospel of Philip

Do you understand what a paradigm shift is? If not, read this material

Hopi Prophecy

Iron trains, rock rivers, metallic spider webs spread across the land?
Hopi prophecy foretold the destructive nature of the Bahanna long before the
Bahanna built the ships that brought them to the Americas.

The Great Spirit has given its word, it will restore the Hopi's once great land of
promise and all of its inhabitance in
The 4D New World Order.

The Nine Signs by Hopi Elder White Feather (HERE)

Inca Prophecy

Claims that on or around 2012 there will be a return of
Homo Luminous, a new tribe of people.
(an excellent article

Did The last Christ manifest into Homo Luminous, a light
being on the
Mount of Transfiguration?

Just days after reading
"Mystery of the Pyramids" I was on an airplane
headed for Mexico to explore Chitzen Itza.

While riding the tour bus I had a two hour
conversation with one of the tour guides,
then another three hours on the way back.

After he finished giving his primary tour, he then
asked me if I would come with him to a place that
would be of great interest to me.

Seeing The Temple of The Bearded Man then
set me on a quest to understand who this,
etched in stone, image was in our worlds history.

He stood in the center of the front wall with men wearing various headdress and clothing walking
towards him from both side walls

He was said to have come from the sea, no mention of a boat. He had light colored skin, blue eyes and sported
a beard. We know that our native American peoples do not have beards, and light colored skin with blue eyes
came from the Europeans. Where was he from? Sweden or could he have been a
Pleiadian, or Ra because
each tribe named him something different? It was claimed that he wore an aurcole around His head, (
could some
have seen his aura?
) and walked with a stave.

He was known to be a gentle man of great character who taught astronomy, agriculture, metallurgy and social
government. He was a writer, a healer and a teacher of many things. My guide claimed the breaded one
returned back to the sea, again no mention of a boat, however, other texts claims that the breaded one returned
to the stars.

The Hopi claim he was their friend so they called Him the Great Bahanna, unlike the violators that later came to
rip holes in the earth and slaughtering the game that the native peoples had managed for thousands of years.
Now he, the White Bearded Lamb of God, as he was also referred to, said that He would return again.

When the Spaniards first arrived, the native peoples of South America worshiped them because they thought it
was he returning with His tribe, just as he said he would. However, the Spaniards (
Under the control of Church Inc.)
began slaughtering the peoples for their gold and silver.

The Wave Series Transcripts and the Mayan Civilization;

"Q: (BP) Were the Mayans an STS (service-to-self) civilization?
A: No.

Q: (BP) Why did they engage in human sacrifice and so forth?
A: They did not.

Q: (BP) They did not?! (L) I think that's an archaeological fallacy. (TM) Yes. (BP) Isn't that fascinating! (TM) I am
going to be looking into that in the next couple of months. (L) You ain't heard nothin' yet! (TM) Wasn't there
another group... the Toltecs, were they the ones who engaged in human sacrifice?
A: At some point.

Q: According to Sumerian traditions there was a god called "Oannes". In the night time, he would plunge back
into the sea, but in the daytime he would converse with men, giving them insight into letters and sciences and
every kind of art.

But, it was noted that he was never observed to eat. It says that he taught men how to construct houses,
temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometric knowledge. He made them
distinguish the seeds of the earth and made them gather fruits. In short, he instructed them in everything that
would tend to soften manners and humanize mankind.

From that time, so universal were his instructions, that nothing has been added materially in the way of
improvement. The surviving images of Oannes on Babylonian and Assyrian reliefs clearly portray him as a fish
man. Is this another similar profile?
A: “El legato.”

Q: Was this Oannes fish man similar to the Quinotaur that was supposedly the half-father of the Merovingian
royal line?
A: Only if one considers losses in the translative quarry.

Q: (L) I understand that the Spanish Conquistadores and missionaries destroyed nearly everything that we
could possibly use to learn about the South American civilizations. A sixteenth century eye-witness says that
there was an emerald idol that was completely fantastic. Father Benito took this idol and had it ground up,
stirred the powder in water, poured it on the ground and stomped on it.

Cortez was given two circular calendars, one of gold and the other silver, as big as wagon wheels, with all kinds
of hieroglyphs on them, which he immediately had melted down and cast into ingots. ‘All over Central America,
vast repositories of knowledge, accumulated since ancient times, were painstakingly gathered, heaped up, and
burned by the zealous Catholic missionaries.

In July, 1562, for example, in the main square of Monte, in the Yucatan, Father Diego de Landa burned
thousands of Maya manuscripts, paintings and hieroglyphs inscribed on rolled up deerskins. He said: ‘We found
great numbers of books written in the characters of the Indians, but since they contained nothing but
superstitions of the Devil, we burned them all, which the natives took most grievously, and gave them great pain.’

Hancock says: ‘Not only the natives should have felt this pain, but anyone and everyone then and now who
would like to know the truth about the past. Diego de Landa participated in Spain’s Satanic mission to wipe clear
the memory banks of Central America.

In the marketplace at Texcoco, they built a vast bonfire of astronomical documents, paintings, manuscripts,
hieroglyphic texts, which the Conquistadores had forcibly extracted from the Aztecs during the previous eleven

As this irreplaceable storehouse of knowledge and history went up in flames, a chance to shake off some of the
collective amnesia that clouds our understanding was lost to mankind forever. So, having read this sickening
description about ‘Spain’s Satanic Mission’ to destroy the past, I would like to have a comment on what was
motivating the Catholic Church, the Catholic Missionaries, and Spain itself, since Spain has Spain has been
designated as one of the areas where ‘artefacts’ may be still found. Could you comment?
A: You should not need more commentary on this matter, as we have previously told you much about the
desires of 4th density STS to obscure history from 3D.

Q: Well, yes. But, Lord have Mercy. It just makes a person sick to think about it... all of this and the Library at
Alexandria too! Was this the kind of stuff that was being done in Europe during the so-called ‘Dark Ages?’
A: Yes.

Q: And that is why the Dark Ages are Dark. The Catholic Church destroyed everything that did not sharpen their
own axe.
A: Yes."

Just as President George Bush Jr. announced the
Mark of the Beast on 6-6-6, 12-21-2012 is the time
Hidden_Hand predicted as the beginning of a new age.

The Maya claim the serpent rope (Gateway?) will begin
descending from the heavens on 12-21-2012

Is this the
Realm Border Crossing claimed within
The Wave Series?

Was the DNA of the biblical Adams and Eves manipulated by The Annunaki?

Is the "Great Spirit" the One Infinite Creator of the Law of One, or rather the co-creation god (Logos) Yahweh
spoken of by Hidden_Hand and The Law of One?

Did the Hopi, as well as other ancient civilizations know Micheal and Gabriel from the Book of Enoch, yet giving
them other names rather than those known to us within books such as Constantine's version of The Bible?

Mr. Scallion claims having recurring dreams, visions if you will, of
seeing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the near future
where much of the world's land mass is under water, just as the
indigo child "
Boriska" has foreseen regarding his country of Russia.

Unlike the map on the right, Mr. Scallion's vision had shown the entire
Mississippi River valley flooded from the Great Lakes clear down to
the south coast.

Could the loss of ozone be primarily caused by the photon belt earth
is now passing through, thus causing the heating of the entire
universe (
as claimed by David Wilcock and other researchers) thus the
melting of the poler caps, thus the flooding of the lower land masses?

We all realize that a major change in the cosmos is coming, yet no
one fully understands how water is going to react to the changes in
frequency caused by
The Realm Border Crossing, nor how its
physical manifestation called "Comet Cluster" will effect planet earth.
Will the comet cluster of 2012 create a super wave of sea water?
The blue colored areas above represent areas
that have been seen by visionaries to one day
be under water. If so, our home is just
below that Northern California island on the
edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
Mayan Prophecy

The late Ian Xel Lungold explains his discoveries regarding how the Mayan Calendar reflects the various
archetypal stages of consciousness
(video HERE)

The above diagram, along with Ian's research can be found (HERE)

"Once in a time long forgotten, I, Thoth, opened the doorway (to intelligent infinity perhaps?), penetrated into
other spaces and learned of the secrets concealed. Deep in the essence of matter are many mysteries

Nine are the interlocked dimensions, and Nine are the cycles of space. Nine are the diffusions of
consciousness, and Nine are the worlds within worlds. Aye, Nine are the Lords and the cycles that come from
above and below." -
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (HERE).   The Twelve Pyramids of Thoth (HERE)

Dialogue with Hidden_Hand and 2012 Prophecy;

"ATS: (forum member) Is 2012 harvest time? When you speak of the harvest, it has echoes of Chaos Gnosticism
in the sense that we are divine souls trapped in the physical world, continuously re-incarnated into flesh until the
time that we reach such a level of spiritual 'gnosis' that we are able to avoid being re-incarnated in our next
cycle. Is this the foundation of your belief?

HH: Yes, the noonday Winter Solstice Sun of December 21st, 2012 is the time when the Lord of The Harvest
shall return. You might know him as "Nibiru"". (Much more on Nibiru can be found on my
Realm Border
Crossing Page

"Read up on the Mayan Prophesies and Calendrical events for more detail upon how the actual Galactic and
Universal Cycles work. The "Travelers"
(the social memory complex that calls its-self "Ra") who gave them this
information were the same ones who visited the
Civilization of Atlantis. The Mayans used that information by
creating with the Positive
(STO) vibration of the Polarity. The Atlanteans opted for the Negative (STS).

There is much truth in some of the ancient Gnostic texts
(Apocrypha), though there are also distortions. The
information is not 'pure'. It came through many 'filters'.

You are indeed what you call "Divine Souls"; you are sparks or seeds of The One Infinite Creator. You are Life
Itself (Light), remembering and learning who you really are (we came here to help you to do this) and yes,
currently, you are trapped (or more accurately "Quarantined") within the 'matter' of this planet you call Earth.

Your planet abides by the laws of the Creation of your Galactic Logos. The Galaxy runs on Cycles of time,
known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. As I said, seek the Mayan Calendar for a deeper insight as to how
the Galaxy runs (it is highly accurate), but for the purpose of this discourse, I will give a brief overview;

The Maya use an astrological cycle called the "Precession of the Equinoxes";

This is a 26,000 year cycle
(approx.) in which Earth transits through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for about
2,152 years each. Each of these astrological ages represents one month of the grand Cosmic Year. This
"Mayan" cycle also corresponds to a 26,000 year relationship of the Sun (Solar Logos) orbiting Alcyone, the
central star of our Seven Sisters Pleiades constellation.

The End of this Cycle, heralds literally, a New World Age, and a New Creation. "A new Heaven, and a new
Earth", and is the time of the Great Harvest.

Smaller Cycles yield a Harvest, and then life continues on the planet as normal. Great Cycles yield a Great
Harvest, and the end of current life on the 3rd Density. See it as a kind of 'Cosmic jet wash' and deep clean,
while the planet takes a rest and regenerates herself..

When this Life-Cycle Ends, "All things will pass away, and All things shall be made new".

Collectively, Humanity right now, is growing, and developing, into the Beings you have long been encoded to be.
Yet, as with any labor, it is not the mother or the baby who is in charge, it is the Primal process of Birth itself,
unfolding it's own destiny.

So, December 21, 2012 AD, is not the day where all of the sudden the lights go out, and everything will suddenly
change, rather, we are NOW in the process of this transition, from one World Age to the next. The changes are
underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date.

The 26,000 year cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles, each of which are 5,125 years in duration. Each of these
5 cycles is considered its own World Age or Creation Cycle.

Our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012 A.D.) is called the Age of the Fifth Sun.

This fifth age is the synthesis of the previous four. The initial date that Earth entered the Fifth World, was August
13, 3113 BC, written in Mayan long count notation as

To help you understand this Notation:

13=Baktuns, 0=Katuns, the 2nd 0=Tuns, 3rd 0=Uinals, 4th 0=Kin

These are the Mayan words for the periods of time:

Day = Kin (pronounced: keen)
Month of 20 days/Kin = Uinal (wee nal)
Year of 360 days/Kin = Tun (toon)
20 Tuns/years = K'atun (k'ah toon)
20 K'atuns = Baktun (bock toon)
a Baktun is 5,125 years

Every day from that point is reckoned by the number of days passed since the event of this cosmic beginning
point. Within the 5,125 year cycle lies 13 smaller cycles, known as the "13 Baktun Count," or the "long count."
Each baktun cycle lasts for 394 years, or 144,000 days. Each baktun was its own Historical Age, within the Great
Creation Cycle, with a specific destiny for the evolution of those who incarnated in each baktun.

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are currently traveling through the 13th baktun cycle, the final period of 1618-
2012 AD. This cycle is known both as "the triumph of materialism", and "the transformation of matter."

On, the December solstice sun will be found in the band of the Milky Way, directly in the position of
the Dark rift within the Galaxy, forming an alignment between the Galactic Plane and the Solstice Meridian. We
are about to enter into a literal alignment of the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and Lunar Planes. This is an event that
has slowly converged, over a period of thousands of years, and is caused by the precession of the equinoxes.
Kind of like a "turning" of the Universal Gears. It brings about the Great Harvest, and the return of the Lord of
The Harvest.

And the planet will complete it's Ascension to the Fourth Density, the vibrational Density of Love. During this
Ascension, there will be a three way split for those Souls inhabiting Earth. Those of the predominantly Negative
Polarity, will accompany us as we Graduate through the Negative (or Service to Self) Harvest. We (Lucifer) will
Create a new 4th Density Earth, based on the Negative Self Service Polarity.

We must 'work off' our own part of the Negative Karmic effect incurred from all the Negativity created on this
planet. Once we have done so, we will be released to once again assume our place as Sixth Density Guardians
and Teachers of Wisdom throughout the Galaxy.

Those of the predominantly Positive Polarity (Love and Light) will Ascend to a beautiful new 4th Density Earth,
where you will begin to work upon your learning and demonstrating of Love and Compassion. It will be a very
beautiful and "Golden" Age. The 4th Density begins to open you up to your True Powers as a unique
individualized aspect of The One Infinite Creator. You will perform works and wonders of the like that the one you
call "Jesus" promised you would do "and even greater things than these". It will be a very magical time for you.

For the majority of Humans on the earth who could be considered shall we say "luke warm", they will experience
a period of (what will feel 'ecstatic') zero-point time, where you feel totally at One with The Creator, giving you an
encouraging reminder and glimpse of who you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends
upon you, and you will be transported to another 3rd Density planet (a kind of 'Earth Replica'), to continue
working upon yourselves and learning that life here is all about making choices.

You will remain "quarantined" incarnating in 3rd Density matter until the time of the next Harvest; in which time
you will need to have proved yourselves that you have learned how to be more Positive Beings, focused more
upon being of Service to others, rather than seeking only to Serve yourself. When you can do this, and the next
Harvest comes, you will have earned the right to join us, and enjoy your inheritance, as a member of the Galactic
Community, and you will sit with us as Brothers and Sisters of The One, around the table of our Galactic
Governing Body, the Confederation of Planets.” -

Hidden_Hand's depiction of Harvest
Temple of the Bearded
Man at Chitzen Itza

This concept is very similar to the
Time Wave Zero and the I Ching
that the late Terence Mckenna
(Video HERE)
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Welcome to
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